A funeral service provides a setting for people to say their final goodbyes and share fond memories. It’s often difficult to concentrate on details like what to wear to a funeral on such a solemn occasion. The funeral attire we choose, on the other hand, reflects how we feel about the occasion and the level of respect we want to show to our loved one and their family.

Consider wearing clothing that shows respect for the loved one you are remembering when deciding what to wear to a funeral. With this in mind, you can dress appropriately for any type of funeral service, from a formal church gathering to a casual beachside celebration.

While funerals have traditionally required a black colour scheme, the rules of funeral attire are no longer as strict, and a wider range of dress is now perfectly acceptable for most funeral services. Your clothing choices can become more personal and meaningful as they have become more personal and meaningful. Dress as nicely as possible while keeping in mind that personal touches or expressions of love are appropriate and frequently well-received by family members.

Dress with respect

What does it mean to be respectfully dressed? Dressing for the occasion requires modest clothing in sophisticated colours for both men and women. Consider the location of the service, the weather forecast if it is to be held outside, and any family requests, including the favourite colours of the loved one whose life you are commemorating.

When in doubt, keep in mind that your goal is to honour both the person and the occasion with your choice of attire. This may imply overdressing rather than underdressing, or selecting modesty over a more revealing piece of clothing. If the funeral service represents a culture or faith that you are unfamiliar with, you should consult with a family member or funeral director to determine the appropriate dress expectations.

Respect the rituals and customs of the family for whom the service is being performed. In most cases, a good rule of thumb is to avoid any colours or prints that are too flashy or attention-grabbing, unless the family has requested a specific colour. At a funeral service, the only statement you should make is one of honour and respect for the person being remembered.

Adding a personal touch

Don’t be afraid to personalise your funeral attire, especially if you’re attending a memorial service. With themed memorial celebrations on the rise, you may be able to honour your loved one more personally by dressing in theme-appropriate attire. For example, if a dedicated veteran’s memorial service includes recognition of military service and an abundance of patriotic colouring, you might choose to wear a nice navy blue dress or slacks. Alternatively, if the theme alluded to your loved one’s passion for flower gardening, honour them by donning a unique but tasteful floral tie, scarf, or skirt. Your attire can be as individual as the personality of the loved one you are honouring, as long as it is tasteful and respectful.

Children can participate as well by wearing subtly themed outfits or a hair bow in their favourite colour. Simply avoid wearing anything too casual, such as T-shirts or flip-flops, unless the service details specify this type of funeral attire.

Plan to arrive dressed respectfully and in attire that reflects the significance of the occasion. If you’d like to learn more about customising a funeral or celebration of life service for yourself or a loved one, please contact us.

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