Traditional Funerals

Do you want to plan a traditional funeral in accordance with the established customs of such ceremonies?

Many people find great comfort in funeral ceremonies that maintain well-established content that is passed down through generations.

If the deceased is to be cremated, it does not necessarily follow that the funeral service must be held at a Crematorium. If it is appropriate to your wishes, the funeral ceremony can take place primarily at one location and be completed at another. We will gladly walk you through your options.

Conveying the coffin home
  • There is often a desire for a loved one to be allowed to rest at home for a short period of time before the funeral service. The length of time can range from a few seconds to several days, and whatever you decide, we can assist you.
  • Prior to confirming the feasibility of this, we would pay a visit to the home address where your loved one will be laid to rest and determine the best method for transferring the coffin into the home – Our staff has extensive experience in performing this sensitive role, and it is often possible to complete it without too much difficulty.
  • On the day of your loved one’s return, we will bring the necessary staff and equipment – it may be necessary to move some furniture, which we will usually do for you and, of course, we will put them back afterwards.
  • We may be able to remove the coffin or casket lid to allow you to pay your respects if you prefer – some of the families we represent prefer this, while others prefer that the coffin lid remain closed; it’s your choice – just let us know.
  • Subject to certain conditions, you may be able to place personal items in your loved one’s coffin or casket.
  • Needless to say, we also complete the transfer of your loved one from the place where they are resting to the waiting hearse, so you don’t have to worry about how this will all come together.
Reception into Church

For some, it is critical that the coffin spend the night in church and is transported there in the late afternoon or early evening before the Funeral Service or Requiem Mass. This can provide spiritual comfort as well as an opportunity for those who are unable to attend the actual funeral to pay their respects. Normally, the coffin is closed, but if you wish for it to be opened for a period of time, please let us know and, subject to the approval of the Minister or Priest, we will accommodate your request.

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