Eco Funerals

Carlyon Funeral Directors will arrange an Eco funeral that reflects and incorporates the wishes of the individual, family and friends.

Arranging an eco funeral, also known as a green funeral, is a fitting tribute to someone who felt most at home outdoors, in wide open natural spaces.

The most eco-friendly funerals take a simple, back-to-basics approach that returns the body to the earth.

The most eco-friendly choice is the woodland, or natural burial ground.

Woodland/Natural burial sites are woodland areas, forests or meadows where you can plant natural memorials like trees and plants and offer a more beautiful and peaceful resting place for your loved one.

These sites protect the natural woodland. There are restrictions on these burial grounds to protect the natural surroundings i.e the type of coffin used, wooden memorial or tree rather than a stone headstone etc.

Woodland or natural burial funerals must use a biodegradable coffin. This is typically cardboard, willow, rattan or bamboo. Cardboard coffins are made from recycled paper.

A traditional wooden coffin may be permitted, but this option involves the felling of trees, much less sustainable than bamboo, for example, which grows quickly. The coffin cannot be made with metal or from wood veneer.

Here’s some pointers for arranging an eco funeral:

  • Opt for burial over cremation.
  • Request refrigeration over embalming.
  • Use a woodland or natural burial site instead of Church graveyard or Council cemetery.
  • Choose a coffin that uses biodegradable materials
  • Consider carpooling with other funeral attendees

So whether it is a simple funeral, a traditional funeral, an eco funeral, an alternative funeral or an extravagant occasion, we are able to provide you with a totally personal and completely bespoke service.

Our aim is to carry out your requests with the utmost dignity and attention to detail.

Whatever you choose we can help you arrange it all and take care of all the legalities.

Contact us to find out where your nearest woodland or natural burial ground is located in Cornwall and look through our brochures.

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