24-Hours Services

24-Hours Services

Care & Understanding 24/7

From the moment you receive the unfortunate news to the end of the ceremony, Carlyon Funeral Directors will provide help, advice and organisation when you most need it.

If your loved one passes away at home and the Doctor has verified the death, completed the Medical Certificate and has given the go ahead for you to contact us, we will be there as soon as you make the call. We are here to support you 24/7.

We will carefully transfer the body of the deceased to our Private Chapel of Rest, where we ensure the highest level of respect, preparation and consideration.

If the cause of death is caused by trauma, suicide, homicide, post-operative complications, the patient hadn’t seen a doctor in last 20 days etc, or cause of death is indeterminable, then they are considered a Coroner’s case. The Coroner will be contacted and the deceased will be transported to the Coroner.

If the deceased is in our care or in the care of the coroner, we will arrange a time and a place suitable for us to meet with you and discuss the various funeral options that we have.