Carriages & Cars

Carriages & Cars

A choice of funeral vehicles is something most people probably don’t realise they have.

A traditional hearse and matching limousine are the most common choice but some people do opt for a different mode of transport for their loved one.

In many ways, the choice of vehicle can be regarded as a kind of tribute, particularly if they were a car, lorry or motorbike enthusiast.

Below we have outlined a few of the options that are available to you. If you have another preference, please ask and we will do our upmost best to source it.
Such options include:

  • The traditional hearse and family limousine (we can source more matching limousines if required).
  • Motorbike hearse, with the coffin transported in a sidecar beside the motorbike.
  • Campervan.
  • Vintage lorry.
  • Tractor and trailer.
  • Black horse drawn hearse with a choice of two or four black or white horses.
  • You may also wish to forego the traditional limousine and hire a vintage bus to transport all of the funeral attendees.