Personalising The Day

Making it special

Many people take great comfort from placing personal items, for example photographs or letters, in the coffin with the deceased. We place no restrictions on what may be placed in a coffin whilst the deceased is in our care. However, there are restrictions placed by crematoria, for example, metal or glass objects. Where appropriate, we will give advice.

Dressing the deceased

It may be your wish that the deceased be dressed in their own clothing and this is normally acceptable. However, in some circumstances, particularly where cremation will take place, we are bound to comply with regulations which restrict certain materials. If you are considering providing clothing for the deceased, please seek our advice.

Visiting the deceased

The decision of whether to visit the deceased is a very personal one but many people take comfort from seeing the deceased at rest. Viewing rooms are available at our funeral home or you may wish to have the deceased at home. We will be pleased to discuss arrangements with you. In the viewing room, you may like to display items such as a photograph or a small selection of possessions or keepsakes that depict a hobby or pastime of your loved one. Many families have said this helped to make this aspect of the funeral more personal to them.

Carrying the coffin

We have experienced bearers available should you need them. Alternatively, bearers may be relatives, friends or colleagues of the person who has died.


Many bereaved families wish to restrict the sending of floral tributes to immediate family members only and request that, as an alternative, donations are made to a charity or other organisation.


Close friends and relatives may wish to say a few words during the service about the person who has passed away – this is called a eulogy. You can prepare this yourself or you may prefer a favourite poem or other reading.


Flowers are a simple and lovely way to pay respect to a loved one. We can assist you in selecting flowers and provide advice on customised orders. A brochure is available to assist you in making your decision.

Following the funeral, you may decide that suitable flower tributes could be donated to a local hospital, nursing home, or another charitable organisation
(Subject to them wishing to receive them).

We will gladly make the necessary arrangements for you. If you choose, we can preserve and collect the
floral tribute cards on your behalf.

Funeral Transport

The different types of funeral transport to consider – the journey to and from a funeral service provides a beautiful opportunity to remember the life and personality of a loved one who has sadly passed away. And, because funeral services rely on transport to take family/friends and the deceased between venues, they are important factors to consider when organising a loved one’s funeral.

It gives family and friends the option to choose a method of transport that they know the deceased would have loved. And with so many different options to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to funeral transport. From traditional hearse and matching limousine, horse-drawn hearse, motorcycle hearse, vintage lorry hearse, digger, VW camper van, Land Rovers, lorries, buses and even milk floats! The list goes on. You can be sure that we will source a fitting option to choose to remember your loved one.

We will also discuss specific requirements regarding the processional route for the cortege with you which may include treasured memories or personal landmarks.

The Cortege (the traditional funeral procession)

How would you like to transport your loved one to the place where the service will be held?
Some mourners prefer to go straight to the service, but some like to be part of the procession, or to follow it in their own cars. You can choose where it begins (often the funeral home or the person’s house) and which route it takes. If you would like, it can take a particular route or go past a special place.

Order Of Service

The death notice is an opportunity not only to publicly announce the death and funeral details but can also be used to pay tribute to the deceased, for example by including a verse. Additionally, details of where any donations or flowers can be sent may be included. A death notice can normally be placed in a local or national newspaper. Additionally, you may wish to place a notice in an alternative local newspaper if the deceased lived in another town or city at some time. We will be happy to create and arrange the death notices for you.

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