Sympathy flowers are a popular feature in funeral services all over the world because they convey a special feeling of love and remembrance. Funeral flowers have been traced all the way back to 60,000 B.C. in an archaeological site in Iraq. The Shanidar Cave was discovered to contain Neanderthal remains, and soil samples from one of the graves revealed pollen in the burial site. This discovery sparked the idea of placing flowering plants next to the corpse as part of the burial ritual, which has been practised ever since.

Prior to the invention of embalming, fragrant flowers were sometimes placed all around the casket to mask the stench of decay. Flowers are now prized for their beautiful colours and symbolic meaning, though the scent of certain plants can bring back memories for bereaved family members. Flowers express a variety of feelings and emotions, and funeral flowers are no exception. As a result, florists frequently create personalised wreaths and bouquets for funeral services in various shapes and designs based on the family’s preferences. Lilies, roses, orchids, and carnations are among the most popular memorial floral arrangements.

Popular Funeral Plants

There are many reasons that a plant may be given as an expression of sympathy rather than cut flowers.  In addition to lasting longer than flowers, a funeral plant can represent a living tribute to a departed loved one adding beauty to one’s home for years to come.

Peace Lily Plant

One of the most popular sympathy plants delivered is a peace lily plant. It’s thought to be a healing plant that brings calm, peace, and hope.

Azalea Sympathy Plant

Azaleas are a symbol of health, self-care and love for family.  Azaleas can be displayed in a pot at the end of life celebration and then planted outside after the services.

Palm Plant

The palm plant, which symbolises strength and protection, is sent to show support to a loved one who is grieving. Most palms are low-maintenance and long-lasting, making them ideal gifts.

Popular Funeral Flowers

The flowers listed below are among the most popular flowers for a funeral. Each one will convey something different to the recipient.


Lilies are widely used in traditional funeral services as a symbol of purity and innocence. White lilies are often chosen by families to convey a sense of peace and spiritual rebirth.


Another popular flower in sympathy arrangements and funeral wreaths is the rose. Roses are available in a variety of colours, each of which has its own meaning. Pink roses, for example, represent grace, yellow roses, loyalty and deep friendship, and a classic red rose, both grief and love.


Orchids are distinguished by their elegance and distinct style. Orchids are popular sympathy flowers because they last a long time and are therefore seen as a symbol of eternal love.


Because of their variety of colours and sweet fragrance, carnations are a wonderful addition to funeral arrangements. They’re used by florists to make wreaths and casket sprays, and the colours can represent remembrance (pink), innocence (white), or love (red).


“True blue” forget-me-not flowers represent faithfulness, remembrance, and everlasting love, as their name suggests.

Bird of Paradise

In a funeral bouquet, the Bird of Paradise is a vibrant bloom that always stands out. The flower, which resembles a flying bird, represents freedom and can bring feelings of hope and joy to those attending a funeral.

When it comes time to choose flowers for a memorial or discuss other aspects of funeral planning, there can be a lot to consider. Carlyon Funeral Directors helps you make informed choices and lends a helping hand throughout the arrangement process. Contact us

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