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Do you intend to have a memorial ceremony for a loved one? There are several unique memorial service ideas that may be customised into a distinctive last tribute to honour a deceased family member or close friend.

The difference between a memorial service and a funeral service is that the deceased’s body is not present throughout the event. This occurs after the deceased has been buried or cremated, giving family the time to create a unique celebration that meets varied schedules and geographical locations.

Candle Lighting Memorial Service

Lighting a candle in honour of someone who has died is a simple and pleasant way to remember them. Make this memorial service idea even more meaningful by inviting family and friends to light a candle wherever they are on a key anniversary at the same time.

Planting of a Memorial Tree/Flower

Invite relatives and close friends to a planting ceremony for a memorial tree or flower garden. This is especially significant for loved ones who appreciated nature or gardening, and attendees can participate by digging and planting seedlings in the deceased’s honour.

Bucket List Memorial

Was there a bucket list for the deceased? You can honour their life by fulfilling some of the items on their bucket list that they were unable to experience, either alone or with others. Take photos or video of this particular tribute and post them on an internet memorial website so you have a visual memory of it at all times. Bucket list options ranged from travelling to learning new skills, zip lining to running a marathon, but whatever you select, it will be a one-of-a-kind way to honour your loved one’s life.

Volunteering Time

Helping others is an excellent way to remember a loved one. Look for volunteer opportunities that benefit the deceased’s preferred cause or organisation, and urge others to contribute their time and/or expertise. You may also organise a new volunteer event in your loved one’s honour (for example, a walk/run fundraising or aiding the ill and old) and arrange it as an annual memorial ceremony.

Scattering Of The Ashes

Following a cremation, some families prefer to scatter their loved one’s cremated ashes in a meaningful area. Holding an ash-scattering ceremony is a unique memorial service concept, and there are many inspirational possibilities available depending on where you live (beach, national park, cemetery scatter garden). A scattering ceremony is also a symbolic event that may assist families in dealing with the pain of losing a loved one.

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Memorial Fireworks

A memorial ceremony with fireworks is a unique way to memorialise your loved one. As a special final goodbye, some firms provide packages in which the deceased’s cremated ashes are integrated into the fireworks.

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