Celebration of Life

As funeral services break away from tradition, it’s becoming more common to include personal touches, such as special favours, music or foods that honour the unique life of a loved one. However, it’s not always easy to know just how to make the service reflect the life it’s honouring. This is where a qualified funeral celebrant or officiant can help.

What is a celebrant?

In a broad sense, a “celebrant” is someone who celebrates anything. A funeral celebrant is a trained individual who works with a family to create a personalised memorial tailored to a loved one’s beliefs, lifestyle, and preferences. Oftentimes, people think of a celebrant as a secular role—someone who will plan and conduct a funeral that isn’t religious in nature. However, this isn’t always the case. Funeral planning has become more personalized to the unique wishes of loved ones and their families. It’s possible for a pastor, priest or funeral officiant to conduct a funeral service, while a celebrant helps the family incorporate personal details into other aspects of the memorial service. In some situations, a pastor or priest may not be involved, and a celebrant will oversee scripture readings or lead the attendees in singing a favourite song or hymn. A funeral celebrant will work with the family to plan a funeral that adequately reflects the passions and beliefs of the individual it honours.

Should I Choose A Funeral Celebrant?

In general, celebrant services differ from traditional funeral services. While many traditional funeral services focus on religious customs and traditions, funeral celebrants frequently shift their attention to the person whose life is being honoured.

Consider hiring a celebrant in the following situations:

A funeral celebrant will meet with you and your family to assist in the planning of a gathering that feels more like a celebration of life than a traditional funeral. This method focuses on how someone lived their life, including their favourite hobbies and interests. A celebrant, for example, may inquire about stories from your father’s life and share them at the service, or may share your mother’s favourite quote or speak about your spouse’s memorable vacations around the world.

Celebrating Each Life

It is our promise to celebrate each life as if it were the only one. Carlyon Funeral Directors’ network of celebrants in Cornwall recognises that no two lives are alike—and that a funeral service should reflect that. Our celebrants and officiants are trained to assist you in creating meaningful and memorable services that reflect your loved one’s and family members’ beliefs and passions.

To locate a celebrant near you, contact Carlyon Funeral Directors in Truro.

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