There are various ways to commemorate someone’s life when planning a funeral. To create a personalised and respectful funeral, it’s critical to consider people’s individual beliefs.

As the demand for non-religious or humanist funerals grows, more funeral directors and families are adapting to meet the demand. Here is some advice to keep in mind when planning a non-religious funeral service.

What is a non-religious funeral service?

A non-religious funeral service is exactly that: a non-religious ceremony. It is a way of honouring a person’s life as well as giving them a proper send-off. A non-religious funeral service allows you to honour a loved one’s life without including religious elements in the service. This allows people to identify their grief in a more personal way.

A non-religious funeral service aims to keep the ceremony as personal as possible. This includes prioritising the life of a departed loved one over all else, rather than adhering to strict religious guidelines; each non-religious funeral is unique.

How can you personalise a non-religious funeral?

Every religious and non-religious funeral can be customised. There are no restrictions on what can be included in non-religious funeral services. Regardless of your beliefs, there are a few things to think about:

Music for the beginning and end of the service
Friends and family pay tribute to a loved one.
A brief moment of silence for contemplation
Family members and friends give personal readings and eulogies.
The funeral celebrant’s final words A wake or social gathering following the funeral
During or after the service, include catering or flowers.

Who should speak or lead a non-religious funeral service?

A non-religious funeral celebrant is usually appointed to prepare and conduct a non-religious ceremony. This person, who has no religious ties, will assist in the planning and execution of a non-religious funeral service of the highest quality.

You can also ask a close friend or family member instead of hiring a funeral celebrant. This helps to personalise the service for those in attendance.

Choosing a non-religious funeral service plan

The best way to choose a non-religious funeral plan is to speak with your local funeral directors. This way, you can gather the necessary information and decide which path to take. A non-religious funeral service will not be accepted by all funeral directors, especially if it is based on a single religious belief. Carlyon Funeral Directors welcomes all types of funerals. Cremations, cemetery burials, non-religious funeral services, and other options are available. We also have several locations throughout Cornwall where you can meet with a local funeral director.

If you are looking for a personal non-religious funeral service for your loved one, please get in touch. Carlyon Funeral Directors are here to help you pay tribute in your own way. We have packages available and can tailor your funeral to your requirements.

We also provide bereavement support, so you don’t have to go through these challenging times alone. Contact your nearest local funeral directors branch today or call 01209 890229  for general enquiries.

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